Opening Show

JUNE 17, 8PM - 3536 Saint-Laurent Blvd.

With : Elisapie Isaac, Michel Faubert, Samian, Robert Seven-Crows, Mary-Jane Lamond and VJ Pink Rubber Lady


Elisapie Isaac


Robert Seven-Crows

Mary-Jane Lamond

Michel Faubert


Here we are blending the turbulent Ottawa River with other rivers teeming in fish feeding on the icy Far North, the founding Great River seasoned by its salty estuary and headwaters with a hint of peaty aftertaste. May all great thirsts for freedom be quenched as we drink deep of these waters of life!

Michel Faubert,
master brewer of Memories of America

Monday, June 21 at 7 PM, on CBC Radio 2
Thusday, June 24 at noon, on CBC North Radio
Saturday, July 3 at 8 PM, on Espace Musique

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Xajoj Tun Rabinal Achi

Mayan Ceremonial Danced Theatre

JUNE 18 TO 27 AT 8 PM – 3536, boulevard Saint-Laurent
Tickets: 514.814.8100

Rabinal Achi recounts the capture, the trial, and ensuing execution of an enemy Mayan warrior. Once captured, Kawek K'iché is taken within the Achi fortress. There, Lord Job Toj sets forth the list of charges Kawek K'iché faces: kidnapping slaves, stealing food, destroying villages, and the attempted murder of the Lord himself.

Through the details of the charges, little by little we understand the military and religious codes linking all the characters around a single dramatic pivot: treason or revolt against the cultural rules set down by the Ajaw Mayas, the Lords, and their ultimate consequence – death. Lord Job Toj makes Kawek K'iché an offer to give in and pass over to his side. He refuses and accepts the fate that awaits him. Then he is subjected to a long process of demands and amends, as if to help him face his impending execution. After drinking, eating, singing, and dancing with the queen and the princess, Kawek K'iché is put to death by all the members of the Lord's court.

At each performance, the story emerges in a somewhat different way, through specific elements: stones, masks and costumes, musical instruments, ritual objects, and the text. All of these bear the ancestors' collective memory and the magic of the cultural foundations common to all Amerindian cultures.

Charles Bender, Marco Collin, Nicoletta Dolce, Yves Sioui Durand, Patricia Iraola, Hélène Ducharme, Catherine Joncas, Lara Kramer, Mireya Bayancela Ordonez, Rodrigo Ramis, Leticia Vera et avec la précieuse collaboration de Jose Leon Coloch Garniga et Jose Manuel Coloch Xolop du Guatémala, derniers héritiers du drame précolombien maya, RABINAL ACHI

And concept developers
Jonas Veroff Bouchard, Linda Brunelle, Nicolas Grou, Claude Rodrigue et Guy Simard

Ondinnok, the soul’s secret desire

Ondinnok is the first professional Aboriginal theatre company in Québec. Founded in Montréal in 1985 by Yves Sioui Durand, Catherine Joncas, and the late John Blondin, its theatre was part of the emergence of a vast, pan-Canadian Aboriginal theatre movement, supported by creative artists such as Tomson Highway, Margo Kane, Yvette Nolan, and many others.

Born of the urgency to repatriate an engulfed cultural universe, Ondinnok's first creations explored the ancient Amerindian mythical universe. From 1985 to 1995, from Porteur des Peines du Monde to Désir de la Reine Xoc, each production forms a link in a chain, bringing to light theatrics deriving from an authentic Aboriginal vision that draws upon the roots of different Amerindian cultures, whether Iroquois, Mayan, or Inuit.

Committed to fostering the talents of Aboriginal performers, Ondinnok also lays claim to a place on the contemporary scene, in juxtaposition to the reality that today's Indian universe is all too often stuck on reserves, suffering in silence from the thousand evils of alienation. From this commitment was born Le Théâtre de guérison (Healing Theatre) with the Atikamekw community of Manawan from 1995 to 1997, and the collective creation Iwouskéa et Tawiskaron in 1999.

Based on its experience in the field and boosted by a new creative method, Ondinnok produced the trilogy Qu'est ce qu'être amérindien en l'An 2000?, which questions the foundations of contemporary Amerindian identity.

In parallel, Ondinnok works in partnership with the National Theatre School of Canada and is setting up an intensive theatrical training program for First Peoples.

At almost twenty-five years in existence, Ondinnok remains on its path, with the firm conviction that Amerindian culture can bring unexplored trails to contemporary theatre and play a part in its renewal.

Martin Arias and the Kontra-Band

Simon Bolivar Cultural Centre
FRIDAY, JUNE 18 - 394 de Maisonneuve Blvd. West

Andean Folk Jazz Fusion, with special guest Willy Rios (charango).


Concert - Kathia Rock

Montreal Arts Council Music Studio
WEDNESDAY, JUNE 23, 8 PM - Gaston-Miron Building, 1210 Sherbrooke Street East

Concert-talk with Kathia Rock (RSVP)

Encounters: Interpretative Arts

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 23, 9 PM, - 900 Ontario Street East

Closing-show "Encounters: Interpretative Arts", with Louis-Karl Picard-Sioui (poet), Line-Romain Descombes (percussions), and other guests