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TERRES EN VUES/LAND InSIGHTS, an association created to promote native cultures, with headquarters in Montréal (Québec, Canada), organizes every year the First Peoples' Festival, Présence autochtone. The film and video panorama is scheduled from July 29th to August 7th 2013.

As always, we will include a program of recent films and videos about the First Nations of the Americas, giving priority to works made by native directors, without excluding works made by non-native directors about aboriginal topics. We are looking for films and videos that reveal aspects of the life of native communities, their real and imaginary world, as well as their customs, culture, history and spirituality.

Therefore, we call on you to submit your recent audiovisual works in order to start the selection process. We are interested in all kinds of works: drama, animation, documentaries and experimental works, no matter what their running time is. Unfinished works will only be considered if producers commit themselves to provide a final copy on time for the Festival. Final decisions in terms of selection are taken by the organizing committee. The festival will inform each filmmaker if his/her work is selected or not.

You are welcome to enter your work under the competition category. To be eligible for competition, the work must have been produced no more than 3 years before the festival, and received no later than the deadline. The selection committee decides which category each work belongs to. Generally speaking, a film or a video runs in only one category, unless the selection committee decides otherwise exceptionally.

Priority will be given to works screened in exclusivity and works that show originality. The approach can be traditional or contemporary, classical or experimental. The competition is open to all works, no matter what their length or their screening format is. Screenings take place in Montreal and Kahnawake (Mohawk Territory). Entry is free. For films in competition, the festival will not pay rental fees (there will be no more than three screenings); the festival will however pay the cost of returning the copies.

Awards will be given during a special event in August 2013.

For selection purposes, we need the following documentation:

  • the entry form;
  • two (2) DVD copies of the work (NTSC, PAL or SECAM system), clearly identified with the title, time length, name of director, and return address written on the video label and its case;
  • Press kit and photos, to be sent by email or ou can use the form to send these items. Just put the documents in a file and compress them (.zip); then you can upload the zip file.

N.B.: The submission will be valid only when the preview DVD is received at the festival’s office.


6865, rue Christophe Colomb, Suite 102
Montréal, Québec
H2S 2H3

Important notice to senders from countries other than Canada: you must write “DVD, Cultural Content, No Commercial Value” on the shipping. Otherwise customs will send the shipment back.

DEADLINE : MARCH 30th, 2013

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