Robert Seven-Crows

The Métis/Mi’kmag Robert Seven Crows is a singer/songwriter/performer and an A’tukwiwenu, a traditional storyteller. His music is a “métissage” of his native’s roots, R&B and Folk. He calls his style “Swamp Folk”. In many of his songs, the traditional drum and the horn rattle find their place next to the Hammond B3 or the Fender Telecaster. His discography includes the album Traditional Songs, Kwé Kwé Production, 2005, and the album Native Soul, Kwé Kwé Production, 2007.

Tipi Town

First part of this story is tight
‘bout some people who’ve got a fight
And I tell you it defies all reality
It seems that color is heavier than hell
And some people don’t wear it well
So their violence borders on insanity

We all live in a tipi town
Where the canvas is red, white, yellow and black
We’ve become the world’s lost and found
The phœnix’s ashes, traditions are back
Hold on tight, here in tipi town

The second part of this story is loose
‘bout some people who carry a noose
And I tell you it defies all reality
It seems their chains chaff at their skin
And these people are rotten within
With their power they dictate society

Robert Seven-Crows
Native Soul
Production Kwé Kwé