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Teueikan Award – THE HEALING WINDS

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The Healing Winds

By Joël Montañez At the precise point starting from which a true artist is able to speak out against reality as if it were a fiction in which we believe too innocently, Joël Montañez has set up his camera and turned his lens towards a Northern village and Inuit faces, including female lead Reepa Arreak’s…

Rigoberta Menchu Award – LE CHANT DE LA FLEUR

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Le chant de la fleur

By Jacques Dochamps, José Gualinga The narration is not by an anonymous, faraway voice, as we think for a moment as the film begins. It is in the first person singular, told by the wife of the chief of a Sarayacu village, the account of a collective struggle for the integrity of the land the…