Taqralik Partridge

Taqralik Partridge
La chanteuse de gorge, auteur et « spoken word performer » Taqralik Partridge est originaire de la communauté de Kuujjuaq au Nunavik. Elle c’est produite sur plusieurs scènes au Canada ainsi qu’au Royaume-Uni et en Norvège. Ses pièces transmettent un mélange d’influences hip hop et de conte Inuit. On peut voir Taqralik dans la série Next! de CBC, consacrée aux artistes émergents.


In case of fire
leave quickly and quietly
you will find yourself drawn to things
do not stop
the smoke may make you sleepy
do not yield yourself
or your children

the flame that started
low and hot in the corner
the one through which
you though you might sleep to wake
and find it had diminished
or disappeared
will in fact
have risen to eat you alive

do not look directly into its eyes
don’t let on you’re leaving

if you must bring things
pile them quickly and haphazard
into black bags, like you’re going to the trash
hide your most precious jewels
in your hair or between your teeth

forget the photographs
they will only bring you pain
when the house is burnt
down to powdered black ash

bring the deed to your house
it will serve as remembrance
for what once was

under no circumstances
must you tell the children
there is a fire!
for they will cry
and want to cling
to their beds
to the house

and lastly
and just in case
concerning the children:

commit their faces to memory
every turn
every corner
every line