Videos and Films catalogue

Panorama of films and videos on the First Peoples of the American continent based on the selection of the programmers of the First Peoples festival.

You will find within all the films and videos presented in the framework of the First Peoples’ festival since it was launched in 1991.

The documents found in this catalogue touch upon current events, history, traditions and cultures of the aboriginal peoples of the American continent. Some of these were directed or produced by groups or individuals from different First Nations. Others are the work of independent filmmakers, while many are from television networks or established production companies. In this selection, there are full-length feature films, short subjects, fictional works and documentaries, animated films and experimental cinema, blockbusters and low-budget videos. The directors hail from many lands, however, most of the titles come from Canada, the United States, Bolivia, Brazil and Mexico.

Note : The details are those provided either by the producer or the distributor when the work was listed at the Festival. It is possible that address changes, mergers or closings have entailed subsequent changes. If you have any information that can help us update this list, please communicate it to us.