Small Innu Lesson

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Cover page: The Bear and the Wolverine face each other. The Wolverine has a paw on the Bear, as if he were speaking to him with great interest.

1. The Wolverine is on a tree branch. He looks at the Bear, in the distance, eating small red berries.

2. The Wolverine climbs down from the tree.

3. The Wolverine starts to speak to the Bear. The latter is eating the little red berries.

4. The Bear seems happy to look at the Wolverine. They look at a patch of small red berries.

5. We see two bears building a round tent.

6. A bear applies red berry juice to the Wolverine’s eyes. They are inside the round tent. We also see round stones that are used to make steam in a sweatlodge.

7. The Bear and the Wolverine face each other. There is a bubble above the Wolverine in which we see branches and a stone. The Wolverine is explaining to the Bear how to build a round sweatlodge.

8. The Bear, standing up, holds a branch in his paws. He is getting ready to build a round tent. The sneaky Wolverine turns his back because he thinks what a good meal the Bear will make.

9. The Bear and the Wolverine are inside the round tent. They are sitting in front of a heap of stones.

10. Two people are sitting in a round tent in front of stones.

The wolverine is an omnivorous mammal, but mostly carnivorous. It looks like a small bear with a furry tail. Its fur is dense and does not retain water, allowing this animal to resist the severe cold of its habitat. It measures from 75 to 110 cm. It has a round, wide head, small eyes and short, rounded ears. Its paws are short and robust and each foot has five toes. Its long claws are curved and semi-retractile, so it can draw them in partially. These claws are used to climb and to dig. The wolverine has solid teeth, and can be recognised by its facemask and its furry tail. The wolverine is considered the most ferocious animal in the Far North.

Bears have dense fur, a short tail, a keen sense of smell and hearing and five non-retractile claws. Bears have big bodies and powerful members. On their hind paws, they walk upright, almost like humans. The have large paws, a long muzzle and round ears. They use their teeth for defence and as tools, and the teeth depend on the bear’s diet. Bears use their claws to rip, dig and catch.
Source: Wikipedia