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28e édition festival Présence autochtone

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Mission of Présence autochtone/First Peoples’ Festival

Develop links between the artistic and cultural rebirth of the First Peoples and the cultural dynamism of a great metropolis, in a sustainable development perspective based on friendship among peoples, diversity of sources of expression as a collective treasure to be shared and through recognition of the specificity of First Nations and Inuit.

Présence autochtone

Présence autochtone/First peoples’ Festival is one of the four festivals that enliven Place des Festivals, in the cultural vibrancy of the peak tourist season (alongside Francofolies, Jazz and Juste pour rire-Just for laughs) on the most prestigious esplanade of the metropolis. It showcases enchanting installation and set design.

During the day, an activity program on the southern flank attracts visitors; in the evening, lighting and video cartography illuminate the installations and enchant our guests. Memorable concerts take place there every year (Elisapie Issac, Samian, Florent Vollant, A Tribe Called Red have delivered unforgettable performances).

During the day, live crafts demonstrations, water features traditional dances, street theatre inspired by old tales and street food make the Place a lively crossroads for young and old. The Nuestroamericana Friendship parade that winds up there ensures a link with several cultural communities.

Several indoor activities are also on the roster: film screenings, art shows (the Guilde shows are notable), public readings by authors, university symposium, concerts, etc. Pre sence autochtone is the meeting place for all 21st century currents crossed by the reality of the peoples whose cultures come down from the earliest days of human presence in the Americas.

Official Description

Length of position: Job starting on June 1st and ending on August 18th 2018 (Start and end dates may vary).


  • Provide information at different places and events such as powwows, tourist information booths, festivals and at the greeting and information booth held during First Peoples’ Festival;
  • Communicate information on the major First Nations event in Montreal;
  • As an ambassador, take part in National Aboriginal Day on June 21st as well as activities organized with different partners on this day of celebration:
  • During First Peoples’ Festival, act as hosts at Place des Festivals and staff the visitors welcoming and information booth.
  • Welcome visitors and anticipate their requests by inviting them to explore festival activities.
  • Welcome artists and craftspeople to Place des Festivals and other venues where festival activities are held.

A short training course on the history, aims and the logistics of the event will be provided to Ambassadors.

Working conditions:
Job requires work during evenings, weekends and official holidays
Variable work schedule

Skills and qualifications:
At ease with public
Interest in taking part in promotion of Aboriginal culture
French/English bilingualism
Speaking an aboriginal language is a plus

No specific experience is required. However, experience with contacts/work with public is a plus, as is some knowledge of Aboriginal culture and way of life.
Eligibility for the different job programs established by the First Nations Human Resources Development Commission of Quebec is required.

First Peoples’ Festival Ambassadors will represent and publicize the festival at places and events such as Powwows, information booths, festivals and any other cultural events where their presence will promote the profile of a flagship First Nations event, First Peoples’ Festival. Also, during the festival, Ambassadors will staff information booths, guiding visitors through the different activities and venues of the event.

Priority will be given to First Nations candidates to fill openings for Ambassador positions.

Please send your CV and covering letter to before May 20 2018